Pre-order your surprise painting!

The story: 

I am spending September in the beautiful high desert of Taos, New Mexico on an adobe retreat in view of the magical Taos Mountain. This series of tiny abstract landscape paintings is inspired by the surrounding nature- the juniper trees, the pinion trees, the red earth, the abundant adobe color, the birds, the rabbits, the coyotes, and the ever changing expansive sky.


New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment and Taos is said to have a powerful energy- I feel it! It is what called me here in September 2019 and what called me to move to New Mexico one year later. 


I am making this series with magic, healing, and good energy surrounding me, and the most exciting part: I will be personally choosing a work from the series to surprise you with, which will be sent in mid October! Each work will come with an inspiring note and an additional surprise from the land. 


I am currently painting this series during my healing, rejuvenating retreat and cannot wait to send you your work! 

***Photos are taken from my porch to give a sense of what will inspire the abstract landscape paintings

***Note- if the surprise element is less than ideal for you, contact me and we will work something out! 


All works are inspired by the subtle and beautiful nuances of nature, and are about coming home to oneself, going inward and finding alignment and belief in oneself. Each work was painted with the intention to encourage the recipient in their beautiful and unique dreams and passions. I offer this work as a catalyst to aid the recipient in fearlessly embracing their magnificent gifts, and as a way to feel the gifts of the natural world within your home! 

My September retreat porch where I will be painting the Taos Series! View of Taos Mountain and the surrounding land! Note: images are there for inspiration, however paintings will evolve naturally taking in all the colors of Taos! Choose based on desired size, not photo shown.


© Meghan Hedley