Having grown up on the coast of Southern California, I spent a fair amount of time on the various beaches of San Clemente. After moving away from SoCal, I made a point to visit San Clemente State Beach every chance I could, and it has become what I consider my home beach. The sands of this place are immediately grounding, centering, soothing. While I am drawn to various landscapes, the ocean is my first language.


This work is an ode to San Clemente. Landscape and nature fuels my painting process, and these little works are about loosely capturing the essence of the land.

Materials: acrylic paint, marker, pencil on gessoboard, unframed.

Display options: set on nails as shown in picture, lean against a shelf, various framing options.



San Clemente Sands, 5"x5"


    © Meghan Hedley