Whether in the desert, the lush landscape of forests, or at the sea, there is a song that the tall grasses sing. Watching grass wave in the wind has a unique soothing and healing quality. This song is an ode and thankyou to the natural gift of ever-swaying grasses.


This series is inspired by these subtle and beautiful nuances of nature, and is about coming home to oneself, going inward and finding alignment and belief in oneself. Each work was painted with the intention to encourage the recipient in their beautiful and unique dreams and passions. I offer this series as a catalyst to aid the recipient in fearlessly embracing their magnificent gifts!


-Each work will be packaged with a surprise blessing as a means of bringing light to the recipient.


-10% of sales will be added to the Hedley Thriving Artist Gift, a fund created to offer support to artists. The mission: inspire artists to continue in their creative paths and advocate a shift from the starving artist mindset to the thriving artist mindset.


-I paint with iridescent paints from Golden Acyrlics, making each piece shift with the light and time of day. This captures the feel of the ever-changing natural world from dawn to dusk.


Materials: acrylic paint, marker, pencil on gessoboard, unframed

Display options: This work can rest on nails, lean on a sheft, or various other framing options. 

Movement of Grasses 8"x8"

$85.00 Regular Price
$66.30Sale Price

    © Meghan Hedley