CREATIVE CATALYST WORKSHOP happening November 9th-11th LIVE!


*The workshop will be streamed live through a facebook group and replays will be available until December 11th! As soon as you purchase, you will be sent an email with a link to the group!


This workshop is for those in search of a space to CREATE, heal, and be led through explorative and structured art and healing exercises by two professional practicing artists.


Lisa is a professional artist and art professor of 10 years, working specifically in ceramics and installations; Meghan is a professional artist and professor, with training in Chinese Medicine, as well, and together they make up the dream team to ignite your creativity! 

YOU ARE GOING TO BE WELCOMED IN with open arms, to awaken your inner artist no matter what your career or how you spend your days, as we believe that expanding your creative language WILL magnify the goodness in your life and assist you in processing all that 2020 has meant, preparing you to enter 2021 with a stronger toolkit.


Be prepared for a wonderful and expansive week! 

Creative Catalyst Workshop with Lisa and Meg

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$77.00Sale Price

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