My work is a form of abstract landscape of both the person and the natural world.


I am an interdisciplinary painter and installation artist, integrating my current studies of ancient and modern healing modalities with my art practice. Raised in Southern California and influenced for 31 years by the landscape of the west, I now live in Portland, OR. I received my MFA from Washington State University (2013), and a double degree BA in Fine Arts and BA in Philosophy (2010). I studied four years of Chinese Medicine in Portland, OR (2015-2019) and am also a member of Los Angeles Art Association. I am on the Adjunct Instructor of Art roster at George Fox University, and I lead workshops and lectures in both art and Chinese Medicine.


The worlds of art and medicine are inseparable for me. My work is a commentary on the full spectrum of aliveness, informed by a decade of philosophical and creative research into peace, reconciliation, and healing methods on individual, relational, local and global levels, including Rwanda, Uganda, and Northern Ireland, and moving toward studies of acupuncture, herbs, Shiatsu Massage and Cranial Sacral Therapy. I observe patterns and rhythms within nature and the inseparability of the body and mind. I carry this consideration of natural balance and homeostasis, attending to the timing, cycles, colors, chaos, celebration and order that the natural world holds. I parallel and connect these cycles of nature to the human body-mind, considering both the external and internal landscape, and exploring this in an embodied way in the studio. My process is a celebration and a contemplation.


I am influenced by Celtic thought, continental philosophy, and by my pursuit of medicine and healing modalities, including my aforementioned local and global research. In these studies, I attend to the nuances of healing and the human body and relate this to the nuances of landscape, all informed by the relationship and overlap of light and dark. I am intrigued by the meeting of language and landscape.


Through painting, drawing and installation, I build a language of color and mark-making, and work also to creative community involvement within the gallery space when possible. I create dimension and movement in my compositions both on the canvas and within an installation space, working mainly on large surfaces to actively engage and integrate the physical with the mental-emotional space. My process is a visual meditation and abstract landscape, utilizing number, letter, layer and color in conversation. I build dimension by applying tape to various parts of the canvas to protect early layers and to create both subtle and expressive color stories. Both processes- working as a health practitioner with a patient and working as an artist with a painting- invite similar questions of dimension and layer. The two acts require careful, slow, and present observation of the surface and the depth, and creative exploration while trusting the hands to listen, building perceptive skills, and carrying the formal foundational skills and the principles of training close by. I correlate composing a healing transformation for myself or another with composing a painting or visual space.


My work is a form of abstract landscape of both the person and the natural world. I build my work with a passion for the balance between objective and subjective information, considering color relationships and observing physical and relational engagement as inquiry into what it means to build a life. When approaching my work, I encourage viewers to be open, flexible and creative, drawing out their own unique experiences and resonances.